Enhancing Cyber Resilience

The key to cybersecurity today is not to avoid being hacked, but to maximize your resiliency against an attack.  By automating incident response and using analytics to detect threats, we are helping clients sustain operations even in the midst of an attack.

Incident Response

Early detection and decisive, quick responses are key to enhancing cyber resiliency.  We help train your Security Operations Center (SOC) staff both on the technologies necessary to monitor your enterprise, and how to develop and implement response policies and protocols tailored to your mission needs.  Our experience includes both classified military environments and unclassified environments with unique operating requirements, such as the Defense Health Agency, where we established a Cyber Operations Center and trained operators to respond to attacks on connected medical devices, as well as the enterprise networks to which those devices were connected.

Cross-Domain Cloud Security

For security domains with highly sensitive data, a cross-domain solution (CDS) can be deployed in the cloud to allow data transfer between security domains, while ensuring the integrity of the domain’s security perimeter.  Our cloud security experts are helping organization like TRANSCOM migrate mission applications to the cloud, deploying cross-domain solutions to enhance data security and mission resiliency, while enabling access to mission-critical information.

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