Culture that Inspires

People are inspired to come to Sentar and are inspired to stay at Sentar because of two things: the national security missions we support, and our culture.

Our culture is defined by our Core Values – a commitment to giving back to the communities in which we live, work, and play, and a recognition of the importance of investing in our future to develop the talent a more connected world demands.

Giving Back.
We are committed to making the places we live, work, and play better. That means giving our time, talents, and financial means to those in need. Via the Sentar Gives Back committee, employees are actively engaged in determining the greatest areas of need in the local communities we serve.


Investing in Our Future.
Sentar is actively addressing the critical national skills shortage by investing in the development of cyber domain talent. We are a founding corporate member for U.S Cyber Camp in Huntsville, an adjunct of Space Camp, and we are one of the initial investors in the Alabama School of Cyber-Technology and Engineering.

Investing In Our Team.
At Sentar, we’re passionate about the mental wellness of our team and their families. Through the Building a Better YOU Program, Sentar employees have access to educational resources, community building activities, and live and on-demand content led by mental health and workplace wellness experts on the Journey LIVE platform.

Ethical in Everything We Do.

Our Core Values start with an unwavering commitment to integrity in everything we do. Lots of companies pay lip service to integrity but for us, it’s different; for us, it’s who we are.

Employees are Our Most Important Assets.

We are committed to investing in our people. That investment certainly includes ensuring competitive benefits and opportunities for development and advancement. The differentiated element here is investing time and attention with each employee to understand and embrace their professional and personal goals.

Seek Win-Win-Win Solutions.

Lastly, we work diligently to find solutions where our employees win, our clients win, and the company wins.

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