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Sentar is a cyber intelligence company, applying advanced analytics and systems engineering expertise to protect our national security and way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission-critical assets.

At Sentar, we recognize that cybersecurity is essential, but not sufficient in tackling the ever-evolving cyber threat; in order to deliver effective outcomes, we must bring expertise in four technical disciplines: cybersecurity, analytics, systems engineering, and intelligence. At the convergence of these four disciplines are Sentar’s solutions: Protecting Data & Critical Infrastructure, Understanding & Managing Cyber Risks, Identifying & Mitigating Vulnerabilities, Proactively Finding Bad Actors, Developing Secure Integrated Systems, and Enhancing Cyber Resilience.

Our outcomes focus on resilience, predictive and proactive operations, automated incident response, risk awareness for decision-making, and deriving intelligence from large datasets. We have also established a strong history of analytics innovation, developing technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and agent-based algorithms long before those terms were in vogue. Underpinning our solutions and capabilities, our vision remains aligned with the evolving cyber domain, and is an inspirational mandate to keep us focused on desired outcomes.

In a connected world, cyberattacks present a threat to every aspect of our society.

Our passion is protecting our nation’s security and our way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission critical assets.

Sentar Honored as a 2024 VETS Indexes 3 Star Employer

Bridget McCaleb, Catalyst and CEO of Sentar, expressed her gratitude, stating, “The diligent efforts of Sentar, Inc. to hire, retain, and support veterans and the military-connected community have earned the organization this highly coveted VETS Indexes Employer Award. We are honored to be recognized for our strong dedication to veteran employment.”

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Sentar Awarded BRSE Task Order Recompete

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to continue providing software development and cybersecurity support to NIWC Pacific,” said April Nadeau, Senior Vice President. “Sentar’s forward-thinking views on service and cybersecurity have contributed not only to providing first-class support and development, but also by creating a solution that can grow and develop in the future.”

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Don’t Skip the Software Updates! Here’s Why

How many times have you been working on your computer, and you see the little pop-up window that tells you updates are available for your software? Many people are tempted to click the ‘remind me later’ button and keep working. However, doing this can put your software, device, and/or personal information at risk. Software updates are a critical component of your digital safety and cyber security.

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Phishing: The Silent Threat to Your Data

Scams are nothing new. There have always been criminals who try to trick people into giving them money or information. However, in today’s technology-driven world, criminals have become more advanced in how they attempt to trick people or steal information. Phishing has become one of the main ways that criminals try to gain access to other’s information.

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MFA: The Secret Weapon to Protecting Your Digital Life

Cyberattacks on personal and company information are increasing at an alarming rate. Almost everyone has been faced with the issue of having their password to an account stolen. In today’s world of advanced technology and determined cybercriminals, it has become hard to create passwords that cannot be hacked.

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