Secure Solutions for the Converged Cyber Domain
Secure solutions for the secure cyber domain

Secure solutions for the converged cyber domain


Sentar is a cyber intelligence company, applying advanced analytics and systems engineering expertise to protect our national security and way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission-critical assets.

At Sentar, we recognize that cybersecurity is essential, but not sufficient in tackling the ever-evolving cyber threat; in order to deliver effective outcomes, we must bring expertise in four technical disciplines: cybersecurity, analytics, systems engineering, and intelligence. At the convergence of these four disciplines are Sentar’s solutions: Protecting Data & Critical Infrastructure, Understanding & Managing Cyber Risks, Identifying & Mitigating Vulnerabilities, Proactively Finding Bad Actors, Developing Secure Integrated Systems, and Enhancing Cyber Resilience.

Our outcomes focus on resilience, predictive and proactive operations, automated incident response, risk awareness for decision-making, and deriving intelligence from large datasets. We have also established a strong history of analytics innovation, developing technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and agent-based algorithms long before those terms were in vogue. Underpinning our solutions and capabilities, our vision remains aligned with the evolving cyber domain, and is an inspirational mandate to keep us focused on desired outcomes.

In a connected world, cyberattacks present a threat to every aspect of our society.

Our passion is protecting our nation’s security and our way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission critical assets.

Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

82% of healthcare providers that have implemented Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices have experienced a cyberattack on at least one of those devices over the course of the past 12 months.
The biggest threat from these IoT cyberattacks is the theft of patient data.

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Securing Devices in the Age of Telework

If 2020 has been anything, it has been a stress-test on the ability of organizations to adapt to rapid and disruptive change. Some organizations are waiting to a return to normal, while others have accepted the present state as the new normal. Regardless of which outcome you are experiencing, one thing is almost certain certain; the dynamic of teleworking has changed.

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What CMMC Level Will Your Company Need to Meet?

As you begin to do your research on reaching CMMC guidelines, one of the first questions you’re likely trying to answer is what level your company needs to meet. It’s one of the first questions asked, and rightfully so; once you know what CMMC level you need to meet to reach compliance, all you have to do is begin implementing the controls and guidelines to reach compliance.

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