Cyber modeling for operations resiliency

When protecting mission-critical assets, there is little room for error. As cyber threats loom and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) grow in sophistication, our collective efforts must also grow alongside them.

When juggling multiple solutions during the risk tracking process, you and your team may not know how to prioritize your efforts effectively. This can prove unfortunate for you, your team, and the mission you are supporting – you may be unintentionally exposing potential blind spots for hackers to exploit.

Our philosophy is simple: it’s not a matter of if, but when your mission-critical assets are the target of a cyber-attack.

MissionValor™ uses a proactive approach to map mission dependencies and predict the impact of cyber-attacks on operational mission assets.

MissionValor also produces a relevant Mission Impact Prediction Score which quantifies the level of operational impact for each potential cyber-attack. The emphasis on susceptibility versus vulnerability within the MissionValor methodology results in a non-traditional analytical capability for cybersecurity. Whereas traditional assessments focus on system component vulnerabilities, MissionValor instead emphasizes the impact to system performance and subsequent mission sets. In doing so, MissionValor provides a risk management capability that educates decision makers so they can prioritize a cyber-first mindset during risk mitigation planning, development, and engineering.

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