Cyber modeling for operations resiliency

MissionValor encapsulates the analysis of threat/attack vectors, maps to mission dependencies, and predicts mission operational impacts, enhancing the cyber resilience of the operational/mission system. The MissionValor methodology enhances cyber resilience, i.e., the ability to respond to and recover from a cyber-attack, by assessing mission operations (systems and networks critical to mission execution) against a catalog of known cyber-attacks and provides a synopsis and details of anticipated impacts to mission execution through three processes: Analyze, Map and Predict (AMP).

The objective of MissionValor is the assessment of cyber-attacks in the context of mission behavior, and a proactive operational system mission impact predictive analysis which focuses on “what” happens to the mission execution based on successful cyber-attacks, susceptibility vs. vulnerability. MissionValor also produces a relevant Mission Impact Prediction Score which quantifies the level of operational impact for each cyber-attack. The emphasis on susceptibility versus vulnerability resident within the MissionValor methodology results in a non-traditional analytical capability for cybersecurity. Whereas traditional assessments focus on system component vulnerabilities, MissionValor instead emphasizes the impact to system performance and subsequent mission sets. In doing so, MissionValor provides a risk management capability to educate decision makers so they may prioritize a “cyber-first mindset” during risk mitigation planning, development, and engineering.

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