Advanced software vulnerability scanning

With the increasing rate of security breaches, conventional software development practices are insufficient in protecting our data and applications. Recognizing this disparity, adversaries and bad actors focus on exploiting the abundance of software vulnerabilities for profit and tactical advantages.

CodeValor™ is an asset to your DevSecOps environment. Automated code scanning allows you to mitigate vulnerabilities earlier on in the software development cycle and examine the code from the ground-up to speed up your application’s release with confidence.

CodeValor leads the class in static code scanning, especially with the ability to assess Fortran code and the first-ever ability to correlate scan findings to CWEs and STIGs.  Other languages supported include Java Source Code, java bytecode, C/C++, Ruby on Rails, Ada, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and GoLang.

With CodeValor, your development team will have the ability to remediate findings with editable impact ratings, false positive markings, notes, and a detailed scan history. CodeValor is available for deployment in the cloud or on-premise, so you can easily scale CodeValor’s implementation to best fit your organization’s needs.

For years, our team has been known for developing technologies and pursuing concepts that were “ahead of their time,” including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and agent-based algorithms. CodeValor is a technology that we’ve been refining and perfecting for years; our team are experts on code security, so your developers don’t have to be. Our CodeValor customer service and support team is available every step of the way to ensure smooth operations.

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The video below is an introductory user tutorial for the CodeValor™ tool.

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