Developing Secure Systems

You’ve likely invested significant resources into the acquisition or development of new tools only to discover security vulnerabilities after implementation, requiring costly redesign and stalling the availability of your organization’s new capabilities.  Our approach avoids those pitfalls.

Whether deploying in the cloud or in a native enclave, we apply a cyber-first mindset to systems engineering, helping clients design and deploy solutions with security inherently built in, therefore allowing the collection and accessibility of data to power analytics.

Software Security by Design

At Sentar, we apply our SEI CMMI-based software development methodology to support software engineering, analysis, development, and test activities.  Our approach was crafted with security in mind from the beginning.  We have also enabled Fortune 1,000 companies and government agencies improve their software development processes. Our Software Process Improvement services provide consistent, effective processes for completing product development projects on schedule while also improving the quality and security of the products, resulting in a reduction to product lifecycle costs, along with a measurable improvement in customer satisfaction. Not to mention, we utilize CodeValor™ to secure your application from the ground-up.


Our team includes software development experts who prioritize DevSecOps during all stages of the software development life cycle (SLDC). We recommend to use of Sentar’s software assurance tool, CodeValor, to strengthen your DevSecOps environment. Automated code scanning allows you to mitigate vulnerabilities earlier on in the software development cycle and examine the code from the ground-up to speed up your application’s release with confidence.

CISA Secure Software Development Framework - NIST 800-218

Our The Secure Software Development Attestation Form (SSDF) was released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on March 11, 2024This form is a crucial step in implementing the requirement that software producers partnering with the federal government attest to adopting secure development practices1. If you’re involved in software development for federal agencies, make sure to familiarize yourself with the form and its submission instructions! The SSDF is based on NIST SP 800-218. CISA’s SSDF Attestation form ensures secure software practices for federal government partners. It defines minimum requirements for software producers, emphasizing secure development techniques and toolsetsThe SSDF aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s guidelines, making it a crucial template for secure software development

A critical factor in keeping costs down while accurately attesting to your organization’s software development practices using appropriately secure systems, policies, and procedures relies on your employees using the same processes on every development project done under contract for any US Federal agency. While you can have different approaches and tools, your organization should strive to have as few unique aspects as possible, so your attestation can cover as many contracts as possible. 

Sentar offers workshops, assessments, and formal attestations that can dramatically reduce your legal risks while keeping your team focused on their primary roles.

Cloud Migration Solutions

Whether you’re looking to simplify patch and configuration management, enable mobility solutions, or reduce your infrastructure needs, your business is likely deploying new applications directly in the cloud or refactoring legacy applications to work in the cloud.  We can help you move your applications to the cloud securely.  Our experience includes moving military Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications to the cloud, as well as aircraft maintenance and logistics systems that enable fleet-wide condition-based maintenance predictive analytics.

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