Case Study: Securing DOD Health Infrastructure

Subject: Mitigation & Remediation Support

The Challenge:

Military Treatment Facilities lacked the security engineering necessary to remediate vulnerabilities arising within and across a complex cyber (security and information technology) terrain. This challenge has amplified as the client seeks to increase the integration among disparate cyber support and capability platforms between the three military services. Operating in multiple locations across the globe, Sentar aimed to best provide ready, capable, and responsive staff augmentation to fit the large geographic footprint.

The Solution:

Sentar created and maintained a security engineering team capable of evaluating risk findings and designing mitigation and remediation approaches. This team provides resources that meet both local requirements and Enterprise requirements. During onsite visits, the team routinely provides in-depth training to local cyber personnel on risk mitigation techniques to equip them to deal with current risks, along with future potential risks. To further establish communication, the team utilizes a Frequently Asked Questions portal and .milsuite social media website. It also supports how remediation is documented to ensure authorized officials can clearly identify and tackle remediation strategies (e.g., via Plan of Action and Milestone review). Sentar’s efforts with the MARS project was recognized by the 2019 FedHealth Innovation Award.

The Mission Impact:

•     Reduced Risk: 

The Team consistently provides strong results, primarily >80% reductions of threats encountered at multiple military treatment facilities.

•     Enhanced Personnel Effectiveness & Risk Mitigation:

Onsite engagement resulted in >95% reduction of items in less than a two-week window. Local cyber personnel were trained and consulted to better mitigate current and further risks, therefore preserving national security.

•     Reinforced National Security:

With the assistance and collaboration of both Sentar’s team and military cyber personnel, both parties were able to further protect our country’s assets.

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