Information Assurance Services

Sentar's Information Assurance (IA) extends back to our founding in 1990.  An initial contract during this era was to provide independent validation and verification services on a large GMD program.  Since this initial contract, Sentar has continued supporting Government and commercial clients providing IV&V, V&V, test and evaluation, quality assurance/control, certification and accreditation (C&A) services. Sentar’s recent work in developing new cyber security technology has extended our IA and C&A activities specific to address the security issues related to systems and software applications.

Sentar's IA experience and past performance success provides the basis of our Comprehensive Information Assurance Program. We can make certain your development projects are secure and that your applications have been analyzed and hardened against exploits and persistent advanced threats. We offer these services for any commercial or government agency that needs to secure vital, sensitive, proprietary and of course, classified information.

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