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Our market is broader than cybersecurity – it’s the cyber domain.

We help clients take advantage of the power of digital technologies deployed in cyberspace while minimizing the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in today’s connected systems. Our solutions are focused on helping you protect your data and critical infrastructure; understand your cyber risks; identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities; find bad actors already within or those seeking to penetrate your ecosystem; develop and deploy secure, integrated systems that automate operations and improve mission effectiveness; and enhance resiliency to a cyber attack. 

Protecting Data & Infrastructure

  • Policy & Process Development
  • Secure Network Operations
  • Identity and Access Management/PKI

Protecting Data & Infrastructure

As the Internet of Things explodes, the requirement to protect data, end points, and connected infrastructure becomes increasingly crucial. Solutions here combine technology with processes to deploy secure network operations.

Cyber Risks

  • Digital Roadmaps
  • Cyber Mission Risk Modeling
  • Risk Management Framework Solutions

Managing Cyber Risks

Perhaps the biggest area of concern for all our clients is their inability to understand their cyber risks so they can effectively manage those risks. From digital roadmaps to quantitative cyber risk modeling to systematic solutions for deploying new tools across their enterprises, we help our clients make better decisions and smarter investments.

Identifying & Mitigating Vulnerabilities

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) for Converged IT/ICS Environments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Automated Software Assessment

Identifying & Mitigating Vulnerabilities

Knowing your vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them is essential. We help clients detect vulnerabilities in their connected infrastructure and software applications using proprietary tools and industry-leading penetration testing and assessment methodologies.

Bad Actors

  • Insider Threat Analysis
  • Threat Hunt, Offensive Cyber Ops
  • Digital Forensics

Finding Bad Actors

Sometimes it helps to think like the bad guy. That’s precisely what we do to identify bad actors from external and internal sources, enabling our clients to be more proactive in how they respond to such threats.

Secure Systems

  • Software Security by Design
  • Cloud Migration Solutions

Developing Secure Systems

Whether deploying in the cloud or in the native enclave, we apply a cyber-first mindset to systems engineering, helping clients design and deploy solutions with securing inherently built in and allowing the collection and accessibility of data to power analytics.

Cyber Resilience

  • Incident Response
  • Cross-Domain Cloud Security

Enhancing Cyber Resilience

The key to cybersecurity today is not to avoid being hacked but to maximize your resiliency to an attack. By automating incident response and using analytics to detect threats, we are helping clients sustain operations even in the midst of an attack.

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