Sentar Releases Application Security Scanner CodeValor™ 5.0

Huntsville, AL – October 26, 2020 –  Sentar Inc. (Sentar), a women-owned business specializing in advanced cybersecurity and intelligence solutions and technology, is thrilled to announce the release of CodeValor 5.0, Sentar’s application security scanner.

CodeValor leads the class in static code scanning, especially with the ability to assess Fortran code (Fortran 77 through Fortran 2008, both free and fixed format) and the first-ever ability to correlate scan findings to CWEs and STIGs.

A myriad of new and improved capabilities are available with the most recent CodeValor 5.0 release; An intuitive user interface allows development teams to collaborate on scanning projects through editable impact ratings, false positive markings, notes, and a detailed scan history. With expanded administrative capabilities, teams can scale CodeValor’s implementation to best fit organizations’ needs. Teams can also review findings through CodeValor’s comprehensive reporting capability, and it supports on-premise deployment, including offline environments. CodeValor is optimal for both software developers and cybersecurity professionals. Other languages supported include:  Java Source Code, Java bytecode, C/C++, and Ruby on Rails.

CodeValor™ (then known as veriScan) was previously used to test the assurance of the Ballistic Missile Defense System’s code base for the last several years during the build of the Objective Simulation Framework (OSF). Because the OSF simulates the full scope of operations of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), the code base was extremely large and included older, legacy coding languages which can’t be scanned using commercial software scanning tools.

“This release marks another benchmark surpassed in CodeValor’s static code scanning ability,” said Gary Mayes, Senior Director of R&D. “CodeValor™ would be an asset to any company’s DevSecOps environment.”

About Sentar, Inc.

Sentar is a cyber-intelligence company, applying analytics and systems engineering expertise to protect our national security and way of life by innovating, building, and securing mission-critical assets. Established in 1990, we have a long history of innovation. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing cyber-intelligence companies serving the National Security sector. Sentar has offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas. Visit for more information.

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