Sentar professional services personnel provide a range of Intel services for the government such as analyzing threats, correlating analytical findings to ascertain attributable information regarding cyber groups and monitor indications and warnings.

Specific recent services include providing Subject Matter Expert (SME) technical advisory and consultation, high-level technical analysis of advanced digital networks, Signal Development (SIGDEV) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) research and development .

Intel Services performed by Sentar employees include:

  • Develop new techniques, methodologies, network trade craft and analysis strategies to enhance SIGDEV technical analysis
  • Analyze and integrate complex collected intelligence from multiple sources
  • Provide SME-level knowledge and expertise of Digital Network Intelligence (DNI) analysis
  • Use intelligence databases and tools to piece together collected intelligence from multiple technologies
  • Provide SME-level consulting on network security and provide training to other engineers
  • Many other duties as required...such as battling Voldemort. (Not really, we just wanted to give you a laugh if you've read this far. In actuality, if we have successfully battled Voldemort, we probably couldn't tell you so. But you get the idea.)