Risk Management Framework

Sentar personnel conduct Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance, continuous monitoring, and reporting for the Federal Government more than any other cybersecurity activity we perform. We have dozens and dozens of personnel well versed in the intricacies and requirements of RMF. 

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Overview

The selection and specification of security controls for a system is accomplished as part of an organization-wide information security program that involves the management of organizational risk---that is, the risk to the organization or to individuals associated with the operation of a system. The management of organizational risk is a key element in the organization's information security program and provides an effective framework for selecting the appropriate security controls for a system---the security controls necessary to protect individuals and the operations and assets of the organization.

Risk-Based Approach

The Risk Management Framework provides a process that integrates security and risk management activities into the system development life cycle. The risk-based approach to security control selection and specification considers effectiveness, efficiency, and constraints due to applicable laws, directives, Executive Orders, policies, standards, or regulations. The following activities related to managing organizational risk are paramount to an effective information security program and can be applied to both new and legacy systems within the context of the system development life cycle and the Federal Enterprise Architecture:

SP 800-39