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Sentar's Cybersecurity Capabilities

Bigstock 49134578Choosing a cybersecurity services company can seem overwhelming. While Sentar understands that cyber attacks and unauthorized access are a threat to every organization, our personnel also have the experience and training to help you make cybersecurity decisions that make practical sense for all of your employees' work-flow. Sentar provides a full range of cybersecurity services that you can use, customize, and apply to provide the compliance, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of your most sensitive data assets. 

Sentar's full range of cybersecurity services include:

Compliance & Assessment

Don't have a CISO? There's no need to have one if you use our "Compliance as a Service" instead!

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • GDPR
  • FedRamp
  • ISO 27000 Series
  • ICS/BAC/UL 2900 (IoT)

Strategy & Governance

  • Cyber as a Service
  • CISO as a Service
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Audits & Risk Analysis

  • CDI, CUI Audits
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • PEN Testing

Incidence Response

  • Forensics Analysis
  • Planning & Testing
    • - Tabletop Exercise
    • - Procedural review