Sentar Selected as Finalist for First Innovation Spotlight at 12th Annual Defense Summit

Sentar’s veriScan Technology Recognized in Innovation Spotlight; Competes with 19 other Defense Companies at CDCA’s Annual Defense Summit.

Huntsville, AL – January 28, 2019 – Sentar, Inc. (Sentar), a Women-Owned Small Business specializing in advanced Cybersecurity and Intelligence services and technology, announced today that the Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA)—a non-profit defense advocacy group—has selected Sentar as a finalist in the first-ever Innovation Spotlight Competition held during the 12th Annual Defense Summit. Recognized for its veriScan Technology, Sentar’s innovative solution provides vulnerability detection using symbolic execution with the unique ability to scan FORTRAN source code for legacy system analysis in addition to current programming languages.

“The pace of technological advances is exponential, and the victor in military conflicts of the future will be the one who is furthest along the curve,” said Heather Walker, CDCA President. “The Innovation Spotlight was designed to showcase, incentivize and recognize innovative industry solutions that could make the difference between success or failure for our national defense.”

Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, the competition kicked off with a 300-word abstract written by each company describing the solution or product. The submissions fell into categories including analytics, cybersecurity, cloud, networking and more. A panel of experts selected five finalists who were given a chance to present live during the first day of the Defense Summit. More than 1,300 summit attendees were encouraged to vote through the event app, which resulted in the Best-in-Show winner.

Netizen Corp. was selected as Best- in-Show for its CyberSecure Dashboard. The top five finalist companies who were chosen to present in the technical pitch session to a live audience included:

• Sentar, Inc.’s veriScan works across an open source with smart-scanning capabilities that only focus on the deltas to determine vulnerabilities and provide one unified report

• Appian Corporation’s The Digital Transformation Platform offers a 360-degree view of operational intelligence and allows end-users of the product to take action against that data.

• Netizen Corp.’s CyberSecure Dashboard simplifies the management of a secure infrastructure while providing an enterprise view of risk and compliance from a single interface.

• Network Runners, Inc.’s Cyber Cloaking Solution confirms identity before session connection by taking identity from the application layer to the network layer.

• Quest Software Public Sector’s Safeguard for Privileged Analytics gathers user data, finds what is normal, identifies what is risky, and then stops it.

“The Annual Defense Summit—which draws more than 1,300 attendees from government and defense contractors around the nation—provides the perfect platform to shine the spotlight on these innovations that are designed for defense readiness to protect our nation,” said Walker. “We look forward to holding this competition during the Defense Summit again next year.”

About Charleston Defense Contractors Association

Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) is an association of organizations and individual professionals dedicated to preserving, strengthening and continuing to grow the defense industry and its affiliated-organizations in Charleston, South Carolina, and its immediate surrounding region. Since its inception in December 2002, the CDCA has worked to address issues facing the continually changing landscape that is Charleston’s defense industry presence and ensure that it continues to be a thriving, sustained business opportunity in Charleston, South Carolina. For further information, visit us at

About Sentar

Founded in 1990, Sentar is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing advanced cybersecurity and Intel solutions and services that empower customers to securely leverage computing and network assets to their fullest potential. Sentar’s innovative cybersecurity technologies and services protect networks and host computer resources from cyber attackers and malicious insiders. Sentar has offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, Maryland; and San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit

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