Sentar, Inc. Nominated for Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award by SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic

Sentar was selected by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Atlantic out of hundreds of other Small Business Contractors 

Huntsville, AL – March 6th, 2017 – Sentar, a Women-Owned Small Business, announced today it has been nominated by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic) as their sole nominee for the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award for 2016. Only Federal agencies may nominate firms for the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award and each Federal agency may nominate only one firm. The selection criteria for the award includes: management qualifications and expertise, exceptional results, and cost performance. SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic selected and nominated Sentar out of the over 500 potential small business contractors that performed work for them during fiscal year 2016.

“I am ecstatic for the opportunity to represent SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic,” said April Nadeau, VP (DHA, Navy, and Marine Corps). “Receiving this nomination cannot be credited to just one person, whether you are executing a contract, addressing surge requirements, or providing monthly reports, we are grateful for the efforts of everyone involved. It’s our employees who made this special recognition possible.” 

Since being awarded SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Integrated Cyber Operations (ICO) Small Business Preferred Contractor IDIQ pillar contract, Sentar has been selected for seven Task Orders as Prime Contractor supporting SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Defense Health Agency (DHA) and Marine Corps. Sentar has also successfully performed as a sub-contractor for SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic on other pillars and non-pillar contracts. These awards have resulted in new jobs throughout multiple cities and states; significantly enhancing Sentar’s established capabilities in cyber security and further strengthening the Company’s relationship with SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic.

Sentar sub-contractors were also asked to submit Letters of Recommendation based on their experiences with Sentar as a Small Business Prime Contractor, to be considered by the judges’ panel. The following are excerpts from those submissions: 

“As a large business that concentrates on and invests in the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Market, we depend heavily on trusted small business partners that it can be assured are capable, customer-focused and ethical. We have many small business partners, many of which have endured through the years. Sentar has proven to be an excellent partner in the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Market.”

“I am purposely minimizing our list of positive “above and beyond” examples as they could fill a novel…. Sentar leaders foster a very positive “can-do”, team-oriented culture with all of their subcontractor partners, which carries over to our personnel performing work on site. For instance, during one short contractual period gap, Sentar chose to keep the majority of our team intact and providing continued mission support far beyond any originally purposed timeframe. As a result of that decision, the customer and mission support did not endure any gap of work coverage for the work being performed – a great testament to the selfless dedication Sentar leaders and personnel bring to the table.” 

“Sentar’s culture of respect and trust throughout their day-to-day operations provides a highly agile, responsive environment that empowers the team to do whatever it takes to deliver the support their customers require…. This culture of respect and trust promotes a more transparent environment between all partner companies on their team, so everyone is focused on identifying and solving problems as quickly as they arise without fear of political retribution….We are certain that Sentar is an excellent choice for the 2016 Prime Small Business Contractor of the Year. We know their leadership, their personnel and their culture and we believe SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic could not have selected a better company for this prestigious award”

“Sentar’s outstanding subcontractor program management practices and implementation of a community of interest were truly outstanding initiatives, well-deserving of recognition by SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic.” 

Winners are selected at the regional and national levels with the regional winners being selected by a panel of judges that may be comprised of both SBA employees and non-Federal employees. The Small Business Prime Contractor Award is presented each year during National Small Business Week, April 30-May 6, 2017. National winners will be announced in Washington, DC during award ceremonies on April 30 and May 1, 2017.






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