Case Study: Global Enterprise Network Modernization

Client: US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM)


TRANSCOM operates a global Common Computing Environment (CCE) that incorporates numerous applications that allow >3500 industry providers and DoD users to coordinate logistics needs for forward-deployed combat units.  Sentar was tasked to modernize this global network by establishing a first-ever wireless communication capability across the TRANSCOM campus and enhancing encryption for the Protected Distribution System that handles classified network communications.


NIPR Wireless Network Project. We developed a wireless connectivity solution that enabled mobile device communications across the TRANSCOM campus environment via NIPRNET.  Phase-I provided NIPR wireless connectivity to the USTC Command Suite. Phase-II expanded that installation to additional Command Suites.  Our Project Managers effectively identified and mitigated all risks to ensure the procurement, installation, configuration and accreditation of all hardware/software/systems was delivered within the budgeted cost and schedule, achieving 100% of the required mission capability.

Protected Distribution System (PDS) Encryption Project.  With 4-star visibility, we led this project to implement an enhanced encryption solution to secure mission-critical communications.  We identified outdated, unreliable, and unsupported PDS communication lines carrying classified information between TRANSCOM facilities.  Once identified, we implemented an enhanced encryption solution while remediating facility internal deficiencies and completing TEMPEST inspections.  We also utilized our experts from the COMSEC office to order, receive, configure, and installing the selected encryption devices. 


  • Wireless communications increased productivity, collaboration and mobile computing capability within the TRANSCOM campus.  This project also significantly enhanced operational resilience, providing the essential connectivity to sustain mission operations during the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing the infrastructure and remote connectivity required for telework.
  • The PDS Encryption project successfully mitigated secure communication vulnerabilities and was completed prior to a critical CCRI inspection, allowing TRANSCOM to achieve an Outstanding rating.  Our team was recognized as the Team of the Quarter by the TRANSCOM Commander.

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