Cyber Attacks continue to grow in complexity, effectiveness and impact across all industries and government agencies. One layer of defense continues to be education and awareness.

Barry Shteiman, director of Exabeam Labs, has provided a quick check list of warning signs that your site might be under Cyber Attack.

The first one mentioned is what I would consider re-direction. You know, the classic magician’s trick of manipulating your visual attention away from his slight of hand by using multiple methods of distraction.

Click here for the full article with descriptions of each method, along with suggestions for a possible solution. One overall solution, of course, would be to hire professionals such as the ones employed by Sentar to assess and help you harden your network and computers before you’re targeted.

Some of the methods include:

  • Distractions such as a DDOS attack
  • Unexpected File Activity
  • Repetitive and overwhelming alerts

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