Case Study: Ensuring Secure DOD Network Operations

Subject: Splunk Team

The Challenge:

A key component of modern warfare is information. Providing supporting technology and services to protect our information assets, and to deliver that information reliably and securely, is critical to the success of our customer and their mission.

The Solution:

Sentar provides a highly skilled team of professionals across a range of information technology areas, with a particular focus on cybersecurity solutions. This work is performed in a highly classified environment, across a large network of digital devices. Our administrators and engineers work with the customer to manage and support thousands of machines, virtual machines, network hardware and other devices across multiple complex networks. Using ACAS (Assured Compliance Assessment Solution), our team constantly monitors the client’s network, searching for vulnerabilities and DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) compliance across thousands of workstations and servers.  Our SPLUNK team manages and configures tools that collect large volumes of log files and other security data from across the network so that it can be searched, monitored, analyzed and visualized in dashboards.  We also monitor the client’s networks using the DoD’s Host Based Security System (HBSS) to detect intrusion, to ensure baseline software configuration and policies are enforced, and to prevent data loss. Our Computer Network Defense (CND) Analysts also monitor the network for intrusions or malicious data, and are tasked with investigating anomalous activity.

The Mission Impact:

•    Reduced Risk:

For this customer, a cybersecurity incident could result in mission compromise, or even loss of life. While there is no way to ensure a completely secure enterprise, the work that our team does to ensure the security posture of the customer’s network and the machines connected to it, as well as the constant monitoring activities that we support, help minimize the risk of compromised information.

•     Increased Efficiency: 

The depth of experience that our team brings to this mission enable us to define and implement better, more efficient ways to solve problems. Our SPLUNK team was recently recognized by our customer, who claimed that the timeline to build was reduced from a few weeks months to less than one day.

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