Aches and Pain? Do you need a HIPAA Check?

One of our cybersecurity analysts sent an article to me yesterday. We have been discussing Ransomware, Hospitals and IoT Medical Device vulnerability.

From HHS.Gov:

“One of the biggest current threats to health information privacy is the serious compromise of the integrity and availability of data caused by malicious cyber-attacks on electronic health information systems, such as through ransomware. The FBI has reported an increase in ransomware attacks and media have reported a number of ransomware attacks on hospitals.”

Furthermore, to help health care entities better understand and respond to the threat of ransomware, the HHS Office for Civil Rights has released new HIPAA guidance:

Finally, they conclude: 

“Organizations need to take steps to safeguard their data from ransomware attacks. HIPAA covered entities and business associates are required to develop and implement security incident procedures and response and reporting processes that are reasonable and appropriate to respond to malware and other security incidents.”

If your healthcare organization needs help getting started, give us a call! We have experts helping secure patient records at the Department of Health Agency as well as many other organizations. We’d be glad to field a few questions and help get you started.

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