Case Study: Secure, Agile C2 Operations for Tactical Missions

Subject: Theseus

The Challenge:

Agile and flexible Command and Control (C2) Networks are needed to manage tactical missions.

Traditional C2 systems are typically not flexible enough to be modified and calibrated to a mission’s particular needs. Further, they don’t readily accept inputs from mobile sensors, nor adapt to new logical algorithms or correlations that are relevant to the mission they are engaged with.

Consider a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.  First, responders needed to deploy to a large disaster area and gather intelligence on what was happening and where the greatest needs for assistance existed.  Citizens in the middle of the disaster could best relay where the greatest needs were, but couldn’t effectively communicate that information to first responders, nor could they be enlisted to help with the overall response in a safe, coordinated manner.  Neighbors began helping neighbors and, while contributing to the overall response, were doing so without the awareness of response officials, therefore resulting in confusion and less than optimal application of emergency response resources.

The Solution:

Expanding on our previously developed agent-based, policy driven C2 frameworks and decision models, Sentar developed Theseus to integrate smart phones into C2 networks, harvesting data from GPS and accelerometer applications. Sentar then developed a machine-learning (ML) layer that collects, correlates and provides trend analysis across multiple (configurable) sensor inputs. Additionally, Theseus boasts a web-based user interface, and can be deployed in a cloud-based architecture. Theseus has an incredible ability to logically correlate multiple threads of disparate sensor data to create a more holistic and intelligent understanding of knowledge represented from aggregated data. Data aggregation in Theseus is handled through a policy-based design using Business Process Modeling and Notation which allows for tailored detection for specific occurrences and citations. The policy-based interface allows users to rapidly set up management and monitoring based on the specific configurations and objectives of the mission they are managing. Theseus is currently at a TRL 6.

The Mission Impact:

•     Accelerated Capability Delivery:

The easily configurable web-based infrastructure and sophisticated sensor, correlation, and analysis capabilities allow first responders and others to rapidly design and invoke a C2 network tailored to the needs of their mission.

•     Reliable Crisis Monitoring & Response:

First responders and other emergency officials can enhance their situational awareness and optimize their response actions using inputs from mobile phones throughout the area of interest. 

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