FAR & DFARS CUI Assessment Solutions

Our certified security professionals have multiple years of experience helping organizations implement and meet their FAR & DFARS compliance requirements. We can quickly navigate through the NIST controls and develop a cost-effective implementation plan that builds on your current security posture – saving you time, freeing your critical resources up to do their job, and saving your organization money.

Our FAR and DFARS CUI Assessment solutions will ensure you can meet all of the compliance requirements in approximately four to six weeks. The following activities and deliverables are examples of CUI assessment solutions Sentar provides:

Regulation Review
The legal regulation requirements of the FAR and/or DFARS clause(s) will be reviewed and assessed for compliance.

Gap Analysis and Controls Review
Security controls are often defined in a required standard, such as NIST SP 800-171 or SP 800-53. The appropriate controls will be reviewed and assessed for gaps. A gap assessment report will be provided with compliance results defined as Implemented, Partially Implemented, or Not Implemented.

CUI Review
Location and use will be reviewed against the appropriate regulations and controls.

SSP Creation
Your cybersecurity posture will be documented in a System Security Plan deliverable.

POA&M Creation
Non-compliant controls will be documented in a Plan of Action & Milestones deliverable.

Documentation Review
Your organization’s documentation will be reviewed and assessed for compliance with the appropriate regulation. Plans, Policies, and Procedures will be assessed for compliance completeness. Missing documentation is available from Sentar, including complete plans such as Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Plans, and best practice policies and procedures, such as an Access Control Policy that defines the Out Processing Procedures of an exiting employee.

Free Documentation Customization
For six months after preforming any assessment service where you also purchased our documentation set, if your IT staff would prefer to change settings or procedures and need to verify compliance, Sentar will respond to email questions within 48 business hours confirming compliance of the desired change.

Final Report
Sentar will provide and review with your organization the final report and remediation strategies.

On the initial phone call, we can determine the best assessment solution for you needs and provide an estimate of the schedule and cost.  Call Sentar today to have that discussion at 256.436.7853.

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