Case Study: Rapid Response to RMF Process During COVID-19

Subject: CyberLOG RMF Support

The Challenge:

As the COVID-19 pandemic became a world-wide issue, the client had to make quick changes to get lab equipment, along with other medical devices that support COVID-19 testing, authorized through the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) process is a set of criteria that all U.S. government IT systems must follow that dictates how the systems much be secured and monitored. Sentar’s CyberLOG team was given several devices to facilitate through the RMF process under little time. There were two phases of devices in support of COVID-19; in the first phase, our CyberLOG team had sixteen devices to authorize quickly. In the second phase, our team had an additional fourteen devices to authorize. These devices needed authorization so that they could be connected to the network and to MHS Genesis, the new electronic health record system for the DHA, to continue critical testing efforts during the pandemic.

The Solution:

Our leadership team evaluated the devices and selected a team of our top analysts/counselors to work these systems. Our goal was to process these systems to ensure they would only need to go through the RMF process once to get authorized quickly. For phase one, we received eight ATOs (Authorities to Operate). The rest of the devices either received an approval through the Assess and Incorporate process, or were not processed due to a waiver eliminating the requirement. Phase two, which started in July 2020, has already resulted in one A&I (Assess and Incorporate) approval. There are four remaining systems in phase two being submitted for the RMF waiver due to not meeting the original RMF requirements/capabilities. By bringing in our expert counselors on this project, the MDE (Medical Device & Equipment) have received approvals during an expedited manner, allowing the sties to begin using this equipment to fight the pandemic.

The Mission Impact:

•    Achieved Expedited Timeline:

Testing sites could quickly begin using the lab equipment and report testing results to medical personnel in a timely manner.

•   Established Validity to the Emerging A&I Process:

The project helped establish validity to the new Assess and Incorporate process, which will be used for a majority of the MDE (Medical Devices & Equipment). All of this work results in more efficient clinical capabilities.

•   Assisted Client in Tackling Global Issue:

The solution allowed the client to respond more quickly to the pandemic and help reduce the spread of the virus.

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